How do we book you?

It is very simple, visit the contact pages following the instruction. I will check my diary to ensure your date is free, we discuss our packages then you sign on the dotted line.

What are your prices?

Pricing start from £800, while i do have general packages, your wedding is unique and won't have the same needs as everyone else, .


Do you travel outside London for weddings?

Yes of course, i will travel to virtually any part of the earth you need me to.  All out of town commissions will attract extra costs for travel and accommodation.


What cameras do you use?

We use professional Nikon DSLR cameras, coupled with several top of the range professional lenses, and a host of lighting gear and modifiers.


 Do you have insurance?

Yes i'm fully insured, which can be provided for any venue that requires it.


How soon do we need to reserve our date?

As soon as possible. Normally brides book up to year in advance.


Do you offer off-season and weekday discounts?

Sometimes i have discounted prices depending on our schedules and availability. 


How will we reserve our wedding date?

Once i receive your signed contract and your retainer, your date is then fully reserved, and we will not accept any other clients for that date. The balance will be due at least a week prior to the wedding date.


Can we pay part before and part after the wedding?

No, I’m afraid not. All payment must be received in full before the date.


What happens after the booking?

We'll then start pre-wedding consultations, if your package includes this, leading up to the day. Further, if included in your package, a date is arranged for the pre wedding/engagement session. This is also an opportunity for us to get to know a bit more about you.


We live out of town, how will this affect our consultations?

While i would love to meet up before the day, busy schedules and distance may prevent that. However all decisions can he handled remotely. Then again we could meet with your trusted friends or relatives if necessary.


Where and when will the pre wedding/engagement shoot take place?

It’ll normally take place somewhere in London. Preferably at some place that holds some special meaning to you. Ideally due to having to shoot events over the weekend, most of our engagement sessions take place during the week. Sometimes i do manage to arrange a weekend shoot.


Do you charge extra for travel and hotel accommodation?
Yes. If the location is over an hours drive from me, and photography is expected to start quite early. Also if the event finishes at unsuitable hours, and is further than an hours drive from London, then reasonable overnight accommodation will be charged at cost. All packages within the M25 are accounted for within the packages. However beyond the M25, additional costs will be charged for travel.


Do you offer discounts on weekday, Sunday weddings?

When the pressure is light, i normally have weekday and off-season promotions and rebates. Contact us for details about that.


What time will you be arriving on the day?

I normally get to the bridal prep venue about an hour before the ceremony time. I’ll try to capture the general atmosphere, photograph the dress and accessories, the end part of the make up session, and then the bridal portrait session. If for some reason, you need us to be there earlier, I’ll need to know this before the day.


Is it important to have a second shooter on the day?

While a single photographer can capture your day, I strongly advise having a second shooter to ensure no incredible moments are missed. While one focuses on the father of the bride’s speech, the other can focus on reactions from the bride or guests, thus creating a more compelling story of your day. Further while I’m primarily a photojournalist, and will quietly be candidly capturing moments and people, the second photographer will be doing a bit more of regular and formal photography, and this means you’ll end up with an amazing collection of different images to choose from. Second shooters will also be an additional cost.


How about the controversial group shots?

I definitely believe in family group pictures, mainly of parents and siblings. What i’d rather not have is and extended list of former classmates, club members, university colleagues etc. These take up a lot of time and detract from our photojournalistic creativity. I’ll normally insist you write up a very short shoot list of about 10, and on the day, arrange for the MC or the ushers to help gather necessary guests for the pre arranged photographs. Keeping this list short, allows more time for the more creative portraits of the bride, groom and the bridal train.


How long will you stay with us on our wedding day?

This will depend on the wedding package booked, or on a pre-agreed upon time schedule. Normally i will wait until all the key moments of the reception are done with, and then leave sometime during the dancing, when i feel i have enough images for your story.


How long will it take to get our images?

Your images will be ready within 3-4 weeks of your wedding. I will initially upload the images unto a password protected web gallery for you to view, and share with friends and family. Everyone will be able to highlight their favorite images from the day. If you’d like certain friends and family to be able to order prints and digital downloads, i can also enable that.


Will the images be edited before presentation?

All images are individually assessed for colour and tone, and edited appropriately. Blemishes and distractions are then taken care of before presentation. If fine art prints or albums are ordered, a little more editing will go into the selected images to make them even more perfect.


Is there an extra charge for this service?

No. All reasonable editing is carried out on a complimentary basis. Note however that digital manipulation, which is very different from editing, will come at an additional charge.


Will we get the RAW photos?

No, this is to maintain the standards i have set and wouldn't want my photos to be edited poorly and distributed with my name attached.


How many photographs make a great storybook album?

I normally choose between 80 and 100 pictures for the standard 30-page album. However, if you need more than 100 images, it may be advisable to increase the album page count, or to make a second album. This may incur a small charge for extra pages.


How long will our album take to arrive?

Albums normally take about eight to ten weeks from placing your order till delivery at our end.


How will we get our album?

You can pick it up, or I can deliver it to you if you live in London, or i can courier it to you ‘at cost’.


What other presentation options are there?

I have a variety of beautiful and lasting presentation options. Parent’s albums and coffee table books, fine art prints, framed prints and wall decors.  The actual prices will depend on the number of prints, and the type and size of albums or frames. Full details are available on request.


Do you photograph anything else in addition to weddings?

Yes! I am available for those special birthdays, Corporate events and dance performances.

Finally … why is wedding photography so expensive?

It really is not expensive, there is a misconception that photographers work for 10hours and i get all this money, When if you take in to consideration of the amount of investment i have put into getting the very best gear i can buy. Also, the amount of hours and preparation leading up to the wedding i put in, then after the wedding day is done it may take around 12-16 hours to cull through the thousands of images of you day ensuring you get your special moments in the highest quality possible. After the wedding day my job does not stop, images need to be backed up, uploaded, albums designed, modified, all the while continuing communications with you weeks after your wedding, while other vendors have long since moved on to other projects, we’ll be the only ones still working on your wedding.