Why It's a Good Thing to Have a Bad Day Sometimes...

Everyday is different and many things can affect our mood, for example i love music i listen to it as much as i can. I listen to quite a wide spectrum of genres too, and the reason is that it changes my mood, but it all inspires me to be better by the time the song has finished. 

  Now why i say its a good thing to have a bad day sometimes, is purely because it means that you are still growing. Just 2 days ago i felt like why aren't i satisfied with a recent shoot i was at and i felt quite down about it as i take a great pride in what i do as it is what i love to do. I was in a very negative mood and i found it hard to concentrate til i found answers to why i was feeling this way. I know how to fix my self when I'm in this mood now and that is to quite simply get inspired again. Just like when i listen to music to change my mood, photography does to same to me and i have a craving to better and get more creative and try new things.  Now, whilst in my most recent one i felt like i had reach a point where my photo was all looking the same, which is a good thing. Don't get me wrong i love consistency, but i wanted to have a signature style something to say " That's a GaryAskew photo" which got me googling photographers i look up to that are world class. I studied their work for a few hours and tried to work out how they produce the result they do and how i can put my own twist onto it. Then suddenly as if by magic it came to me! 

   I knew what i needed to buy in order to switch things up a little bit to feed my craving. I took to Amazon to order 3 things to make a small difference in my work, which i will update this blog once the items have arrived with some example pictures of how i may use them. They are very cheap items and wont break the bank to buy to experiment. 

I challenge everyone that will or wont read this... TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT... there are more than one way to do things so no matter what industry you are in, try something different, be brave. Stand out in your market!