Saal-digital photobooks... are they good enough?

I was on Facebook and I saw an ad for saal-digital photo book and the chance to get a photo book, so because I'm always looking to improve for my customers especially the final product I couldn't miss this opportunity. 

I went onto their site and starting browsing through the selection to see what I could get and what would be the best choice. I decided to go for the smaller photo book for like a coffee table size kind of thing. It wasn't long before the album had arrived at my house and I couldn't wait for to open it up and have a look. I wasn't expecting much if I'm honest but I can happily say I was pleasantly surprised. I would like to also note that I also ordered a few leather cover samples at the same time.

So to begin my first impression of the photobook, it felt very nice, I could tell it was a high-quality leather they used to cover the book it feels terrific. I got the sapphire black leather for my cover and it's beautiful. There were multiple options to print on the spine of the book. It really does feel durable and excellently made. I printed my company name on the front of the book and I wanted in the bottom right of the book and in the free software they let you download it didn't say that the leather would wrap around and it has look the longer letters such as the 'g' 'p' and 'y' and they have come off the front of the book. 

Now, opening the book it just gets better, the images are perfectly printed on the pages with clean and sharp edges to the images, the pictures are all crisp and punchy too just how I edited them. the actually printing quality is amazing, the whites are whites and the blacks are black. I can't fault the printing what so ever you won't be disappointed I promise you. 

I believe the paper I chose was 300gsm paper, its is also what makes the book feel like a high-end product without the high-end cost. it almost is as thick as card and gives it that customers the impressive no expense were spared on the album. 

I would highly recommend this company to anyone needing prints or albums they are a very good company and I will be using their service in the future. my overall score for the album I receive would be 9/10.