My encounter with a small printing company...

Recently, my sister has been bugging me to find somewhere that will print an oddly sized photo she has. Its basically four portrait orientated photos one under another. it is very difficult to get it printed to the size she would of liked. Then i came across a company call 'Oddprints' and at long last i found somewhere that i could actually get the print made. I am a very nice brother so i thought yeah ill print it here and then surprise her with it. I made the order. Once the order had been made i even opened up a pay pal account just to get this order done. In my excitement i barely read the size of the print i was getting i was just excited they actually prints things in these dimension. I read the size i was getting and it was 4"x18", i was somewhat upset to find that it was to small for my sister. i emailed the company before printing began to cancel my order but it was a Saturday and most company's are shut on Saturday at the time i emailed them. i proceeded to email them anyway, in hope they would read it before printing commenced. yesterday i received an email to say that they couldn't cancel the order, so what they did was refund the money and they are still sending the photo i printed and said they hope i can make use of it still. Now as a photographer i know what good customer service looks like and that was extraordinary that they will still send the print even though it was my error and lack or reading. 

I made a decision that in some way or another id use there service again because i don't fear id have any trouble with any concerns or issues in the future. i will not be using them as a professional printing, but i will use them again. 

here is there site so you can check them out and hopefully they can provide you will a odd print.