Bunmi + Collins 2016

Bumni + Collin was such an amazing couple to work with. Collins had a job opportunity in Germany where is currently working and had been for a few years now, and will be moving out to Germany a few weeks after their wedding. 

   They was  a lovely and co-operative couple and gave me the time i needed to get the shots i needed to get for them. It was a beautiful day and a privileged to be apart of that and i am truly honoured i got to be involved in documenting their wedding. There of course was some stress for the bride and groom throughout the day, but the handled it very well and kept there spirits up and smiled throughout. Well, how could they not they was a beautiful couple and you could see how much they love each other. 

Let me stop rambling on and I will leave you too look at some of the photos from the day... 


Model photoshoot...

I have done many weddings but one thing that i had never felt i needed to do was organise a photo shoot with model just for the fun of it. Me and another photographer both wanted to collaborate so i felt it was time to reach out and work on a shoot. I've always wanted to do a sunset shoot but as we are both busy photographers we couldn't organise a shoot at the time we needed because of commitment’s then following day. so we did our best. 

    We started talking and decided to get as close as we could to the sunset time. The next problem we faced was location, I live in London so I wanted to spread my wing a bit and venture out, so we decided we would do the shoot in Birmingham. At this point it was a month away and I wasn't too excited about it yet, the weeks few past and next thing I knew I was on the virgin train heading up to Birmingham. When I checked the weather it wasn't looking good I thought it would have been rainy or cloud. It turned out perfect nothing but blue skies and sunshine.


                It was such a great day we went to various locations in Birmingham which included a rooftop which I was most excited about shooting there. The models were great and fun, they got on so well. Here are some pictures of behind the scene, kind of.

A Challenge i faced on that day was i used a studio flash i was completely unfamiliar with but i didn't let me stop me continuing the shoot, and creating some awesome shots. A few reasons why it was challenging is because it wasnt  a HSS (high sync speed) flash so i was limited to 1/200th second. Which meant stopping down the aperture letting more things be in focus distracting from my couple. so i had to find a background that complimented them and shown off the beauty of where we was.

The Crew

Stay tuned for the full shoot photos check back in a few days for the fully edited photo of the day.

I would like to thank;

Models: Kris Marshall and Emelie Kelman



So, as promised here are some of the final images from this shoot in a slide show.