How i got into Photography

Hey Guys, so clients ask me how i got started in photography while i'm with them. I thought let me write about it and tell everyone my story...

So Lets rewind about 6 years, so after i dropped out of college after the first year i decided to just get to working, and i got my first job in retail, in Clinton Cards. Whilst working there for 8-9 months i got a tax rebate for £540. Being so young you can imagine what i wanted to spend my money on, partying, but instead despite the urge to do that, my friend had a bridge camera and everyone wanted a picture to be taken. Me being me i wanted to have something better, which is where the tax rebate come into it, so i went online and i found the next best thing up from that which happened to be a Nikon 3100 within budget. This was the day that changed my entire life and i didnt even know it.

Now i had the best camera out of my friends it was my time so shine, i was taking photos of everything that moved and making videos with my friends. The thing that changed everything was my friends 21st birthday, she asked me to take some photos at her party which went terribly wrong and the batteries died on everything so i barely got 200 photos (opps). Another 21st birthday came and this time i was more prepared and i completed the 'job' completely. From this i got a 40th birthday party which was way out of my league and i was terrified but i did it. When i got home i sat down and thought i loved this i wonder whether i can make a living from this. To my surprise you could make a living and it was a moderately comfortable average salary.  

Now it was time after a few jobs to upgrade the camera, and got the all mighty D7000, Which i still have to this day, and it was another level of quality to me and i was blown away. Now i was set to start my career what do i do next? What i did was go on to the internet and found a popular website called YouTube. I Search and Search and watch hours and hours of footage and information and the learning curve saw no limit. the more i learnt the more i wanted to learn. After every video i went out and set up my own shoots to practice what i just learned. I became very comfortable with my camera and my settings and was using it everyday!! 

After a while it felt like i plateaued and i wasn't learning any more so i look a night class to learn more. it was a seven week course and to my surprise i actually knew 90% of what they taught on that course and found my self getting bored yet the passion was still there inside me, i felt like college/uni killed my passion for photography. I was confused so i looked into going straight into university to get a degree in photography. After speaking to some tutors they told me that my photos was not up to the uni standard but my knowledge was good enough. I felt really down, then they said i could do the BTEC course, however, i didn't want to be around 16yo's as i would of got distracted. I made the executive decision to do it the hard way on my own.  

I did what ever it took to get jobs and get my work out there i worked for free i worked for 16 hrs a day to get some kind of stability and client base. I was still unsuccessful and i didn't know how to change it. One day i got a call from one of my friends saying that a cinematographer wanted to have a photographer on his team and work together as a formidable force. I went for a meeting and i took the job offer. I was very excited that i manage to land a job on my own just through pure passion for what i love to do! 

3 years later here i am, with gear i could of only dreamt about i now own. There are things i still dream off and i have only started my journey. I hope that everyone will follow me on my journey and support me with referrals. 

That is my story...

...and this is just the beginning