Why I don’t buy third party lenses…

A week ago I was at a photoshoot, a pre-wedding shoot to be exactly and towards the end, my camera came loose off my black rapid strap and fell to the floor with my 70-200 2.8 on. It hit the concrete and I was thinking what was that bang, I turn around to find my gear on the floor. I have broken all of my lenses at one point, but this time it didn’t break. It was still usable and there didn’t appear to be any fault.

 A few days later my camera kept making a plastic clicking noise, to which the body of the camera had come loose, and I started thinking wow I have really done some damage this time. After messing around with the plastic it simply snapped back into place, to my knowledge the camera had fell around 4ft onto the floor and barely had a scratch on it. The next day while I was at an event I tried to change the flash mode to rear curtain sync, to my surprise it wasn’t working and didn’t even register at all with the camera, this was the only fault I found with the camera and I don’t often use the bracketing or flash mode buttons so it doesn’t affect me dramatically. Just to see if anything else wasn’t working I then started making sure all the buttons was doing what I had programmed them to do, and the only other button that wasn’t working was the bracketing button. This doesn’t actually worry me because I bracket my shot manually anyway so it not necessary to even be on the camera. Even saying all this I will still go through my insurance to fix it and get it all new again.

The point to all this is that if you spend money on equipment, yes it overpriced, yes there are cheaper options and if it was to break it will break regardless. However, I’m not planning on selling this camera I will let it die a naturally death doing what it was built to do. Taking pictures, at the end of the day its tool (an expensive one) and it needs to be treated as such. I have the Nikon glass and if it was made of plastic maybe it would have broken completely and I couldn’t complete the shoot therefore I have to organise a reshoot and its taking more time out my already busy schedule. If you are a professional, you should always have insurance to cover you for these types of accidents and always have a backup. If I learnt one things from this it is to take extra care, have insurance and pro equipment as the extra money it cost might save you one day.