The Big Move To Uni Campus

Many students make the biggest decisions of their lives after choosing a university 👩‍🎓 - WHERE TO LIVE! 😱

That's right! This is the chance where they'll live by themselves, fending for themselves and actually being a real adult (well as 'adult' as they can ATM). And for most, if not all students, a campus that looks new, clean, has an indoor gym, cinema and a games room would be the DREAM! 😍

I had the chance to shoot a university campus this week, which had all of those features and then some! 

entrance (1).jpg

The gym was amazing; kitted with modern cardio machines, boxing equipment and free weights to suit every person's needs. 🏋️

There was more than enough space in the cinema room, which had leather sofas alongside the walls and reclining seats with footrests which would have any Vue, Odeon, Cineworld, in fact, most cinema's quivering!

cinema (1).jpg

The games room had a nice touch to get most if not all students interacting and active.

Communial Area (5).jpg

Not only that but having a rooftop terrace with an outdoor daybed with a sun canopy 😍  

Rooftop (7).jpg

In all fairness, these communal areas had to be top notch with the rooms looking as beautiful as this

What student wouldn't want to leave their room when it looks as amazing as that. Check out more of Luton's Opto Living University Campus pics