Peter Hurley inspired me!

As a photographer, weddings aren't always in the diary, you have to be available and willing to do almost any job. However, i choose to branch out a bit to try and get some inspiration from other areas of photographer to improve my wedding photography. 

I have booked in two headshot job, one of which im yet to do, in order to get a better understanding of posing faces and hands. The clients has no experience in front of a professional, given that its 2016 selfies is what most people are used to, so I took the opportunity to sharpen my portraiture skills. 

The Challenges;

                           It wasn't easy for me to do this and I faced many challenges, first of all i didnt have full creative control because my client, Danny, had criteria from his agency to which i had to follow but just add my own style into the mix. One of the challenges i face was the background i wanted to use, you will see when i post the final images, i used a sunset background which mixed well with his skin tones and i thought added to the images. Another challenge was gettin the facial expression right, i didnt want him to be smiling so much that his face screwed up. I wanted to him to smile with his eyes though .