It's been a while but I'M BACK !!!

I've been MIA for a long time so much has changed in my business and I'm sure if you've been following my website you'll notice, the weddings have now unfortunately taken a backseat :( (awwww)

All is not lost and it's okay because things are more amazing now than they have ever been !

So I'm sure you can tell that i have moved from wedding to property photography and well its been tough trying to break in to a new market, regardless of the wedding skills i had properties is a whole new world to me. I has made me learn new editing styles and techniques. i know no longer only edit in lightroom, i would say im a beginner in Photoshop but im probably more of an intermediate. that being said i kind of find a way that works for me and run with it until i discover a new way to achieve the same or better result. I'm always trying to find a way to make my workflow quicker. 

My journey into properties...

My journey into properties was somewhat of an accident, like my careers as a photographer, i just fell into it. One day editing a wedding a fb message popped up from a major properties marketing company at the time was reletively new. i jumped at the opportunity to try something different because as fun as weddings are back to back weddings for 5-6 years gets tedious. i done the trial as they requested and i got accepted immediately. My first property was in Loughton, UK, to which i took with me 3 lights all with light stand and my wireless trigger and of course my camera equipment. that day it took my 3 hrs to shoot a 3 bedroom detached new build property. i definitely went above and beyound my duty when shooting this property, it couldnt of been more correct in camera if i tried. the company was incredible impressed with my work considering i had never shot a property before. From that day i was shooting around 4 properties a day 5 days a week on some occasions up to 7. I cant lie that money along with wedding money was incredible i felt like a millionaire. 

Around a year and a half went by before i started to think id love to make more money and do less work, i done research and it was possible. i found the likes of Fstoppers and Mike kelly which made me think wow, i could actually make more money from properties than from weddings. To which by this point i was from the company i was working for as a side hustle. i started looking for bigger and better jobs until i could maintain my lifestyle with properties, wedding started to unknowly take a back seat and i start to stop taking bookings around a year ago now. i honoured the weddings i had booked and put 110% into properties. 

2 years down the line, I now shoot for clients in London for commericial and residential properties in some of the most famous and prestige areas of london, Mayfair, hyde park, kennington, belgravia, sloane square, trafalgar square for example. ive also started shooting for hotels, restaurants and other hospitality area. I never would of thought all those late nights and back to back weddings would of brought me here. i never would of put money down that i could go from possibly one of ost most stressful industries somewhat a relaxed one. I really do love it and have made some friends along the way also in the industry.

I have had help from some talented people who have no reason to help me but they do and i grateful and i will always look up to them and when im closer to there level i will help them out (or atleast buy the a beer one day) for the help they have given.