Prince & Princess' Wedding highlights

Well, this day was just pure magic and bliss, the day ran smoothly the bride was ready on time and everything was going perfectly. The couple wasn't the youngest but they could compete with any wedding couple out there getting married. The Day started in the hotel room where the bride was ready before the bridesmaids, the maid of honor deserved to get paid the amount of effort she did and all with a smile on her face on such a joyful occasion. 

 The groom was at the church from 12 and the bride came naturally late to the church. I got to the church and he looked so nervous now from being so confident in the preparation. he was restless. the bride walked down the aisle and they got married together. 

When I got the reception I knew it was a great hall but I had no idea with Prince and Princess' vision it honestly looked astonishing and I couldn't even believe my luck that I got to photograph in such a venue. Such a venue does have some challenges, for example, showing the blue ambience without it casting over the subject and making them blue, which was a challenge I took head on and with a little thought and experimental colour balancing, i got solved the problem and got to a point where i was happy with the balance.

Even though the day went so smoothly there was still challenges I faced, for example, locations for the bride and groom in the hotel room for, the room they used were lovely and quite spacious but they wasn't photogenic room, i had to minimise the amount of hotel room I showed and use what I was given with creative effect. Also, the church went on longer than scheduled to, so I literally had 10 minutes to take the bridal train photos.