Continuous lights have a place in Photography...

Recently I was looking at new lighting techniques and only really use my rotolight for stationary subjects, aka rings and shoes and jewellery to give it that extra sparkle. Recently  learnt that in dimly lit halls my rotolight was perfect to balance ambient with the couple to make them stand out from the background but also let in the beauty of the hall. 

I was worried about getting motion blur but given that the rotolight in the most very dark situation is very bright I could have a fast enough shutter speed to capture every moment. the other benefits can control the power output and the white balance to really show off the background colours but get correct colour on my subject. 

 Another benefit is that it is quick and easy to get the lighting just how you want it in second without the need to take a photo to get the shadows where you want them you can automatically see where they are. 

 In conclusion, continuous couldnt replace flash not in the near future at least anyway, but it has a place and for me and the way i shoot its here to stay