What is involved in taking interior photograph's?

How much does it cost? πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘

I believe that people strongly feel like they are getting ripped off or scammed when they are hiring a profession photographer when they hear the price. What alot of people ont understand is actually 80% of the work actually happens in secret, when no one is around while they are tucked up in bed. The photographer is most definitely up editing the photos. If they are like me then they will be because they are more excited the the client to finish the images and get the final product. While it could take 2-4 hours to photograph a interior, depending on the size, it could take 3-4 times longer to edit the images together.

What are you paying for you may still be asking. firstly, you are paying for the photographer to be on site, either by the hour of by the number of photos you may of requested. For me at least the cost it largely related to the time and effort editing the photos together after the shoot has taken place. I typically take less than 24 hours to deliver as I editing into the evening.

Probably the reason people don’t understand the most is that interior photographs need more TLC, you tend to refine the room at the time than refine the photograph later. It takes 5 seconds to adjust something and a headache later on if it the time hasn’t been taken to make it as right as possible in the camera. This all being said Its the gear we use for these types of shoots. I always bring a portable studio flash for interior shot to ensure and 100 % i get accurate colour every pop of the flash. It always mean i will have more than enough battery power to flood the room with flash for blending later. I do always carry my speed light too so that i can get a bit more directional light with the speed light. I also might need to shoot tethered which can be with the Nikon wireless Wi-Fi connection or cam-ranger, something along those lines. A gear head is ABSOLUTELY required and if you can a tilt shift lens. This all cost money which we invest in so we need to make money on our investments as every body can relate, and agree too.

As you can tell there is alot of involvement, even down to planning to the time of day you can shoot so you have the best most flattering light.

How long does it take?⏳⏳

It really comes down the each individuals workflow, I personally for interior jobs, like to wait til i can use my workhorse of a PC at home so i can get accurate colour, and the best possible blend of the layers I’ve taken while on site. It also allows me to concentrate more on the job at hand and kick back with some music maybe a tea. This is my personal optimal environment. On the job I try to be as efficient as possible and i really focus on the details of each property and the little things the designer has done because those are using what brings the whole style together. The hardest part of all it to get them in a interesting composition, the designers has a reason why everything is in a place and has a place so the last thing i want to do is insult the design by moving things too much to create the composition that shows the property off in an immaculate way.

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