Shooting the Nell Gwynn house on Sloane Avenue, London.

Working with a great client of mine with quite a substantial portfolio of property. This a huge job and it was 2 day job, shooting many different styles of apartments and studio pods. If it’s luxury you light then Nell Gwynn house is definitely the place to stay when visit London. Being a London photography its rare luxury isn’t ever not part of the shoot.

This building was stunning from the moment you see the building, to walking through the rotating door, with the porters waiting for you in the lobby to guide you to the right place. It’s reminiscent of a 5 star hotel at a fraction of a cost.

It took a longer than I expected it to take, but it was so much fun each room presented it’s own challenges as some had more light than other, some had the smallest windows right at the top of the room. The bulbs in the lights, some were orange some were white. Complete nightmare, but it was a challenge I appreciated as it helped me learn a new editing technique. Most jobs i always learn something but i learnt a lot from this job in particular.

Take a look at some of the photos I’ve taken, for more information and to book a room at the Nell Gwynn, Sloane Square, Chelsea, London. You can visit William Hemming Associate.